Expressionz Cafe

I did the Expressionz Cafe’s website design and maintenance from 2011 to 2015. It has a dear place in my heart, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities that this special place provided for me, and also for the tremendous personal growth that came out of my years working and volunteering there.

expressionz screen shot

I also did most of the poster designs for Expressionz Cafe.

Thursday Open Stages smaller  3rd birthday poster smaller  Agnostic MGC July 5 2013 at Expressionz poster smaller Amos Garrett Jazz Trio October 26 2013 Expressionz smaller  Art Party at Expressionz silk painting Apr 4 Bix Mix Boys May 24 2013 full size  Dale Ladouceur and the Broke Ensemble (2)   Calder Publications Quarter Page Ad small  Drum making sessions smaller Harpdog Brown and Graham Guest Exprez Concert Series 2013 smaller Heart to Heart Poster smaller Kat Danser Mar 9 2013 Expressionz Cafe kirby sewell band may 24 Mary Flower at Expressionz smaller Ridley Bent poster Sept 21st 2013 expressionz cafe smaller Rory-Block-May-18-2013-small-662x1024 Stirfry Variety Night 2013 Tommy Banks PJ Perry November 9 2013 Expressionz smaller